Is there a fee for estimates?

No, our estimates are free.

What do I require for our first consultation meeting?

Nothing is required of you for our first visit!  However, it is always helpful to take a look on the internet and save some pictures of things that are appealing to you.  It may also be helpful to provide a copy of your property/lot survey.  If you don’t have a survey, try here (www.protectyourboundaries.ca).

Do you have insurance?

YES! Our workers are fully covered by the Worker’s Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) and I.M.T also carries a liability policy of $5,000,000.00 covering bodily injury and property damage.

How deep do you excavate for my patio / walkway / driveway?

Depth depends on a couple of factors; soil type and what the area be used for. Some soil types, like clay soil, require deeper excavation. Heavy loads, like driveways and retaining walls, require deeper excavation; unlike walkways and patios which have lighter loads and require less excavation. I.M.T will assess the excavation needs of your site and determine the proper depth which will be sufficient for ensuring the integrity of our work.

What is the thickness and type of granular base you use?

The thickness is different depending on the project. For a driveway there is usually 12 inches of base because it will need to be able to handle vehicular loads. For a walkway or patio which has only pedestrian traffic, it may only need 6 inches of base. The excavated area is filled with ¾” A-gravel or ¾” clear stone. The bedding layer consists of sand or granite screenings on top and is approximately 1 inch in thickness. The bedding is tamped in layers to ensure appropriate compaction. The bedding extends at least 6” beyond the edges of the finished paver surface.

Do you use edging with spikes or concrete edge restraints for my pavers?

Concrete is generally an unacceptable choice as an edge restraint. Concrete will crack in our weather conditions and when it does, it will no longer stabilize the edges of your pavers. I.M.T uses edging with 10” spikes to keep your pavers secure.

Will I have weeds growing between my pavers or flagstone?

No, we use only high quality polymeric sand which stays in place longer because it is combined with a binding agent. I.M.T will help you to choose the best jointing material for your project whether it’s for interlock, flagstone or permeable pavers.

Do you warranty your work?

Yes! I.M.T has a 3 year written warranty on all new interlock and interlock repairs. I.M.T has a 1 year warranty on all deciduous trees, coniferous trees and perennials we provide and plant.

Do you do landscape maintenance; like grass cutting, weed killing, pruning and fall leaf clean-up?

Sorry, I.M.T does not offer any ongoing upkeep of lawns or gardens

What is the difference between hardscape and softscape?

Hardscape refers to the heavier elements of landscape; such as interlock, rocks, natural stone, patios, retaining walls and driveways. Softscape refers to everything else, such as trees, bushes, flowers and soil.

Do I need to get locates for my utilities?

No, I.M.T will take care of this if it is required and is responsible for their protection and repair if we damage them. If private locates are required or if the utility company charges a fee, they may be at an additional expense to the owner (examples include: landscape lighting wires, well line, gas/water/electric lines for pools, outdoor kitchens and other appliances, some gas companies have also started charging a fee). Home owners are responsible for letting I.M.T know where irrigation and well lines run, where septic tanks and tile beds are located and where dog fence wires are buried.

What is your procedure for clean-up at the end of the work day?

When I.M.T leaves for the night, we will leave the work area tidy and all of our tools and equipment will be put away and secured for the evening.

Will interlock pavers be strong enough to bear the weight of my vehicle?

Some interlock choices are best for weight bearing loads. I.M.T will discuss these options with you.

Do I have to seal my natural stone or interlock pavers?

No, you do not have to seal. Some homeowners choose to apply a sealer to enhance the colour of the stone or pavers, while others prefer them with their natural colour. Some pavers we use come factory sealed. If you choose to seal, you should plan to reapply the sealant every 3 to 5 years. I.M.T does not provide a sealing service.

How often should I water my new sod or grass seed?

New sod and new grass seed needs to be thoroughly soaked twice per day. Once in the early morning and once in the evening when the sun is starting to go down. Watering while the sun is at its hottest point in the day may burn your grass (the water droplets act like a magnifying glass).

What kind of salt do I use in the winter on my new pavers or natural stone to prevent slips and falls?

We recommend the blue salt, like Alaskan Premium Ice Melter (https://www.alaskan.ca/en/product/detail/Alaskan_Premium_Ice_Melter_Jug), which can be purchased in most of the big chain stores.